I uniquely provide both psychotherapy and coaching, to a wide range of individual clients.

Embarking on my own path of growth and transformation, I began my doctoral training in psychology in 1995. I am continuously inspired by witnessing the transformation of my clients. They show up with the courage and vulnerability it takes to heal and to learn how to thrive, affording me over two decades of meaningful work.

With the evolution of positive psychology and human resilience, I studied the science of the healthy mind and what creates a sense of well-being. The importance of one’s physical health, and of practices that shift our energy out of fear, shame and self-doubt became certainties for me. With my own yoga, nutrition and meditation practices, I have watched my own presence evolve, and with it, the ability to foster competence in my clients. With the addition of coaching training, I offer my clients tools to experience more expansiveness, creativity, and a greater capacity to lead in all areas of their life.

My clientele is wide ranging, from solo entrepreneurs and artists, to managers, directors and senior executives. They represent diverse industries including tech, healthcare, executive recruiting, market research, higher education, private equity, and venture capital. Our work brings them in contact with the meaning in what they do, helps grow the skills required to be effective, and leaves them with the self-awareness to navigate the growing complexities of work and life.


Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.
— Jalaluddin Rumi