Compassion. Clarity. Confidence.

Hello and welcome! Compassion, clarity and confidence are three foundational elements of the work I do. I'd like to use this first post to describe them a little more.


Listen to yourself. Really listen. What is present? What is missing? How did you get here?

Our process will involve deep listening for what is present and what is missing in your life. You will learn to see your old patterns without judgment or shame, allowing you to let go of what is not serving you. Feelings will become useful information, rather than overwhelming barriers to progress. Compassion is not to be confused with self-pity or wallowing. It is simply the instrument we use for maximum listening.


What makes you come alive? What can’t you live without? What keeps you from these most important things? What patterns are you in that are not serving you?

Imagine dissolving confusion and self-doubt and mapping out your just-right path. Authentic, unforced, inspired.

In our work, you will connect with what is most important to you. You will identify limiting beliefs, where they came from, how they may have served you in the past, and ultimately recognize how they are not the whole truth. Step by step, I will help you use this clarity to create a plan of action that is inspiring, meaningful and fun.


What are you already good at? Where do you need to stretch? How can you build those skills?

Appreciate where you are and where you want to grow. Walk the new path. Practice. Walk it again. And again. Gradually you will notice that the hills seem smaller, the trenches not so deep.

Through the accountability in our work, you will integrate new skills and strategies that clear the way for you to achieve your goals. As you face new challenges, and encounter the inevitable fear and uncertainty that accompanies change, you will have the confidence to keep going anyway.