There are therapists and there are coaches. There are times when you could really use both. Someone to hold the space for you, both in moments of heartbreaking crisis and moments of triumphant growth. Someone who understands and honors where you are coming from and where you have been, and who also sees and celebrates who you are at this moment and pushes you to get where you want to go. This is Lara. She skillfully creates a space for her clients that all at once feels safe and challenging, where clients feel both held and pushed. Her blended experience and expertise as both a therapist and a coach offers her clients a unique relationship and compelling opportunities for growth and transformation. Unshakable, wise, kind, witty, authentic, and not afraid to call forth your inner badass. Lara is the real deal.    -Abby Sommerfeld, Professional Coach


Lara is a top-shelf coach who is both deeply intuitive and highly skilled. She consistently creates relationships that are both safe and brave so that her clients can do the important work of listening to their deepest hopes and desires. Lara’s coaching style feels professional, pragmatic, soulful and loving. I highly recommend Lara’s work to anyone ready to find clarity and a more powerful way forward.    -Jac McNeil, Executive & Business Coach

Lara has an ability to calmly and methodically work through entanglements of feelings, unpleasant thoughts, stress and bad habits. Soon after we started working together, Lara drew me into a sequence of effective exercises to evaluate my values and to help me refine my understanding of success, which allowed me to identify where and how to focus my time and energy. Now, I'm walking around with a toolbox of tactics to use when I need to work through any stressful or otherwise unpleasant situation. My work with Lara will help me navigate work and life for years to come. -Tania, client

My work with Lara has emboldened me as a leader in both my professional and personal life. I more fully embrace my leadership style and see clearly the unique contributions I make to any partnership. Lara invites me to explore undeveloped parts of myself, while still keeping me in touch with my strengths, and accountable for results. Through our work, I continue to focus my efforts to create greater alignment with my team, the organizational priorities, and my personal goals.    -Ryan, client


Working with Lara has been one of the best things I have ever done. From our first call, she challenged the notion that I was stuck with the habits I grew up with, tapped into my fear of failure, and connected with my frustration and shame about my lack of organization and productivity. She helped me tackle these issues in a way that was creative, rather than judgmental and punishing, eliminating my resistance to making change in these areas. Because of our work I have a new perspective about overcoming hurdles, now and in the future.    -Hannah Kent, client