My approach is a combination of intuitive listening and research-based methodologies that help you bring awareness to your experience, detect and understand patterns in your behavior, set intentions for the life you want, and effectively move into action toward your goals.

In this work, you define the goals. This might be “identifying the next steps in my career,” “building team cohesiveness” or simply “shifting away from tension and moving toward inspiration”. We work in a way that is uniquely designed to get you the results you want, without doing unnecessary work.

The presence I bring to our work is thoughtful, compassionate, containing, and fully invested in your transformation. I also have the clinical ingenuity to evoke something unexpected, meaningful and enlivening for you. I create a supportive environment from which you can observe, explore, and set new intentions for your work and life. You integrate new skills and strategies that clear the path for you to achieve your goals.

Our process involves deep listening for what is present and what is missing in your life, mapping out your familiar patterns and obstacles, revealing what is most important to you, and making a plan of action that is inspiring, meaningful and fun.

There is nothing “surface” about the methodology I bring to coaching. I am versed in multiple theories of the mind and in research-based strategies for creating an easeful, empowered and fulfilled life. My well-honed practical knowledge and intuition are potent tools for quickly getting us to the heart of the matter. This work is about your deep learning and increased self-awareness, including how you show up in the world, what shapes your choices and decision-making and how you stay committed to who you want to be.



I coach clients one-on-one, with sessions scheduled twice a month for a minimum of six months. Sessions are forty five minutes long and are conducted in-person, via Skype, or over the telephone. In between sessions, I provide email support to keep you in your learning and accountability.

If you’re curious about whether we might be a great fit and want to hear more details about my coaching packages, please contact me to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation. If, after our initial consultation, we both decide that we're a fit, we will design our working partnership, tailored to your specific goals.